GCMO (Greyhound Companions of Missouri) is no longer accepting applications for adoption. Please click on the link to the right for more information.
Greyhound Companions of Missouri
"What A Difference A Grey Makes"

MAILING ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 713, Manchester, MO 63011

24-hour Hotline AND LOST OR FOUND GREYHOUND CALL 314-221-5274

ALL future meet & greets have been cancelled.

Dear GCMO Family,
The time has come for GCMO to begin to wind down operations. It has become clear that with the shrinkage of the industry, the lack of foster homes, and life changes for some of our current board members, the time has come to gently ease out of the greyhound adoption business. As we have already seen, finding greyhounds that are cat safe has become an enormous challenge. The number of dogs in the industry retiring to adoption is dwindling and, since we are a very small group, getting dogs here can be challenging logistically.
This has not been an easy decision. After celebrating 25 years last year it is not where we expected to be. The pandemic created challenges and moved up some track closings in FL. I will assure you that there are so many groups in the US that have waiting lists there is no question that every greyhound retiree has a home.  
GCMO will continue to be available to support our current families and dogs for a decade or longer based on the need to support all dogs adopted as of 12/31/2020. We will have a core group of caretakers who will continue with some small social events, be available to provide resources and keep in touch with our families via social media. We will ALWAYS be available to assist any family in crisis either financially or if they need to re-home their dog.  
Our last day to accept adoption applications will be July 31, 2020. We are going to do our very best to find dogs that match the families currently on our waiting list by 12/31/20. 
If you are interested in being involved with the group of caretakers please let us know. We will have a need for someone to store the current records and be available to retrieve any records if necessary. We haven't gotten them into the 21st century so there is a file cabinet of documents. There will be more info coming in regards to the caretaking group and how to continue to stay connected with the GCMO family.  
Look for more communications as we move forward. If you have any questions I encourage you to reach out to myself or any other board member.  
Thank you for loving greyhounds ♥

Lisa Will-President 
on behalf of the Board of Greyhound Companions of Missouri